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Federated Search

Federated Search is a simple-to-use full-text search interface permitting users to simultaneously search multiple repositories, currently supporting Symantec Enterprise Vault, Opentext eDOCS, and Microsoft Outlook. Federated Search offers AND/OR/NOT boolean capabilities, and permits users to Drag’n Drop hits from one repository to another.

The Coredge Federated Search embeds the Connector Opentext eDOCS to Enterprise Vault v7.x and above, and runs on Microsoft supported Windows versions.

More specifically, the Coredge Federated Search provides users with the ability to:

a) Simultaneaously full-text search different repositories; currently supported are Enterprise Vault v7.x, Opentext eDOCS, and Microsoft Outlook;

b) Make use of AND/OR/NOT boolean capabilites;

c) Narrow down hits by dates created/received;

d) Obtain simultaneous hit lists from the different repositories;

e) Further refine eDOCS searches by using its search interface;

f) View, email or save selected hits to other repositories via right-click or via Drag 'n Drop;

g) Select the various areas of emails to search such as Subject, From , To, CC, Body and Attachments.

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