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Record Profiler automatically fills email and document profiles based on content

Record Profiler, a hands-free and easy-to-train tool for automatically filling the descriptive profile of emails and documents stored in Document Management Systems.

Filling document profiles containing multiple fields is difficult and time-consuming. The complexity of this task leads to mistakes and inaccuracies. The multiple profiling options offered by Record Profiler facilitate the population of document profiles and thus increase compliance with document management guidelines. At the same time, Record Profiler automatically classifies records into the corporate file plan based on content.

Record Profiler maintains a replica of the Corporate File Plan into the Microsoft Database Engine and uses the scalable and open architecture to assign descriptive profile attributes and categories. Record Profiler currently offers support for the Open Text™ Corp.’s eDOCS DM.

Record Profiler automatically assigns profile attributes and relieves users from this important yet tedious task Users can continue to focus on the content of records while Record Profiler takes care of their profile and classification. Should Record Profiler need assistance, it will signal the Records Manager to provide the final say.

Benefits of using Record Profiler,

• No user intervention;
• Profiles are automatically populated;
• Reduced errors of misfiling;
• High speed filing of high volume of records;
• Higher rate of accuracy;
• Records can then be retrieved more easily;
• Compliance.

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