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May 13, 2008

Welcome to UrbsWorld. Dedicated to the art of miniature painting.

May 3, 2008 - Once again I've let nearly a year go by without a real update. The truth is I just started painting again after the last update. I simply burned out and lost all desire to paint. Fortunately a friend of mine sparked my interest and I've begun to produce new work. I've created a new gallery since the last one broke and I had troubles fixing it. It'll take some time to add all my previous work but I have some new stuff there.


May 7, 2007 - Wow almost a year since I've updated the news part. I'll try and get some new stuff posted as soon as I can. Recently I've started a new chaos dwarf fantasy football team as well as a new figure from Phil Bowen being sold at Impact Miniatures. It's under the Valkaries link. I'll try and update the WIP part too. I know I'm such a slacker.


June 27, 2006 - Still painting like a madman. I've added some work for a new release from Impact. They released a "beer garden beauty". I've even painted some of my own stuff. Got a ultramarine terminator done and I'm very pleased with the results. Maybe I'll purchase the plastic ones for a furture GD entry. Who knows?


June 13, 2006 - Been very busy on the painting front. Attended my first Golden Demon. What an experience. So many big names showed and the level of competition was fierce. The best I could do was make 3 cuts and I'm satisfied with that result. Next year I'll be prepared and actually paint something for the GD instead of just grabbing stuff off the shelf. I've added some new pictures to the gallery. Most notably some warhammer dark elfs and pictures of a commission in the blood bowl dark elf section.


May 8, 2006 - I've added a few pictures to the gallery of recently completed work. I believe ablood bowl chaos warrior and a few Phils Phigs Black Widows. I've been working on some conversions as well. I think the dark elf thrower conversion wii be the next project I paint up. I'm really looking foward to that one. The lizardman project will just have to wait until I commit to a paint scheme.



April 24, 2006 - IMPACT! Miniatures is officially open for business! Head over to thier online to store to see what they have to offer in fantasy football miniatures. They have some great miniatures that I can't wait to get started on. You'll even see some of my work there.



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